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Barriers to Providing Smoking Cessation Intervention by Nursing Students: What is the Solution in Nursing Education?


Cape Breton University, School of Nursing, Nova Scotia Canada


Faculty of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada


Independent Researcher, Nova Scotia, Canada


Adult and Critical Care Department, Sultan Qaboos University, College of Nursing, Muscat, Oman

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2022; 30: 83-91
DOI: 10.5152/fnjn.2022.20172
Read: 1157 Downloads: 537 Published: 04 March 2022

AIM: This study aimed to explore the barriers that hinder nursing students from providing comprehensive smoking cessation interventions for their clients.

METHOD: A mixed method study combining a self-administered questionnaire and one open-ended question were used to collect data from 152 nursing students at the university in Canada. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and thematic analysis. The Health Belief Model was the theoretical underpinning for this study.

RESULTS: Participants showed positive attitudes toward smoking cessation interventions as being a part of their future work. However, students faced many barriers that hindered them from providing smoking cessation interventions to their clients. The participants identified the following seven themes/barriers: the lack of knowledge, training, resources, and time; the willingness of patients to quit; lack of students’ self-confidence; students’ level of comfort; smoking cessation being covered by other members of the health care team; patients already being knowledgeable about smoking cessation; and protecting therapeutic relationships with patients.

CONCLUSION: There is a need for empowering nursing students and enhancing their self-confidence in smoking cessation interventions by incorporating theory-based educational materials and strategies regarding smoking cessation interventions in their curricula.

Cite this article as: Aldiabat, K. M., Aquino-Russell, C., Alsrayheen, E., & Al Qadire, M. (2022). Barriers to providing smoking cessation intervention by nursing students: What is the solution in nursing education? Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing, 30(1), 83-91.

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