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Barriers to Research Utilization in Nursing Practice


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Yard.Doç.Dr. İstanbul Üniversitesi, Florence Nightingale Hemşirelik Yüksekokulu


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Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2010; 18: 144-155
Read: 674 Downloads: 398 Published: 18 December 2019

Aim: This research was carried out in order to identify barriers to research utilization for practice and analyze these from the point of some variables.

Method: This descriptive study was carried out with 248 nurses working in state and private hospitals. Written permissions were taken from the ethics committees. Data were gathered using “Nurse Information Form”, “The Barriers to Research Utilization Scale”.

Results: It was found that 86.3% of the nurses were female, average age is 29.92+7.22, 35.5% of them have a degree, average working period is 8.91±7.74. It was found that 83.5% of the nurses know a foreign language, 28.6% of them take part in nursing research, 72.6% of them want to make research, 25.8% of them follow publishing about nursing, 50.4% of them participated in scientific activities, 54.8% of them weren’t able to hear about scientific activities, 10.1% of them used research results in their practice. The most important barriers to nurse’ use research results were lack of opportunities in application of research results, lack of a central unit where information is gathered, lack of time to read researches. A statistically significant relation was observed between institutions nurses work, sex, age, participation in scientific research, willingness to participate in the research and perceived barriers to research utilization in nursing practice.

Conclusion: It was determined that nurses want to make research and use research results in their practice but they encounter barriers to this issue.

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