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Determining the Organizational Cultural Competence of Hospitals Located in the Coastal Strip of the City of Antalya


Department of Internal Medicine, Akdeniz University Nursing Faculty of Nursing, Antalya, Turkey


Department of Community Health Nursing, Akdeniz University Faculty of Nursing, Antalya, Turkey

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2021; 29: 30-39
DOI: 10.5152/FNJN.2021.19042
Read: 446 Downloads: 168 Published: 08 March 2021

AIM: This study aimed to determine the organizational cultural competence of hospitals located in the coastal strip of Antalya city in Turkey.

METHOD: The sample of this descriptive study included 31 hospitals. Data were collected with a questionnaire developed by the researchers under the guidance of 2 guides related to organizational cultural competency standards. The questionnaire included 3 sections and 47 questions and was answered by an authorized person to provide information on behalf of the hospital.

RESULTS: Among the hospitals participating in the study, 61.3% were private hospitals, 67.7% had international patient departments, 96.8% had quality departments, and 29% reported that they had a budget allocated for providing culturally appropriate care. Most of the hospitals reported that they served multi-menu option to the patients (64.5%) and provided with interpreter assistance free of cost (90.3%). Most of the hospitals stated that they provided end-of-life care for patients who died in their hospitals according to the wishes of the family members (96.8%).

CONCLUSION: Hospitals seek to adopt a culturally sensitive approach in healthcare services, but their cultural competence has scope for improvement, as they do not have strategic action plans or sufficient budgets yet.

Cite this article as: Karakuş, Z., Özer, Z., Gözüm, S., & Öncel, S. (2021). Determining the organizational cultural competence of hospitals located in the coastal strip of the city of Antalya. Florence Nightingale J Nurs, 29(1), 30-39.

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