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Determining The Standards of Care-Friendly Hospitals

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2009; 17: 103-114
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Purpose: This research has been planned as a descriptive study and with the purpose of “determining the standards which will be prove that Nursing Services within the health institutions in Turkey are under guarantee”. Method: Collection of research data was realized between February and May months of the year of 2007. universe of research is composed of “senior and intermediate nurse managers” of hospitals, completed or applied for accreditation by JCI (Joint Commission International) in Turkey, and nurse educators of “course of management in nursing” of higher nursing schools and higher health schools. Data collection form was sent in the virtual environment through e-mail. A questionnaire form, containing features of “Care-Friendly Hospitals”, was used in the data collection. Results: Nurse managers have been more optimistic about “Turkish nursing reaching the international standards”, more than nurse educators. “Care-Friendly Hospital” idea which was propose by Oktay, has been well accepted by all participants and the subject was positively received. All “Magnet Hospitals” standards have been accepted as the features for the “Care- Friendly Hospitals” too. Conclusion: As a result, under the coordination of Turkish Nurses Association, “Nursing Standards” which will be reevaluated nowadays and setting the features for the “Care-Friendly Hospitals”, has been confirmed that all can make use of international nursing standards

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