Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing

Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Woman Life

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2008; 16: 188-194
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Together with the access of women in work-life, new roles about work were added to their roles and women began to experience problems of adaptation in meeting their responsibilities because of increasing roles in life. This situation arising as a result of the imbalance between roles is defined as “role conflict”. The role expectations being too much in both areas of work and family and support and sources in meeting these expectations being insufficient results with the corruption of work-family balance and conflict is being experienced. In situations when work-family balance is corrupted, personal, family/relation and work troubles arise. These troubles affect negatively on the life of woman as a person, worker and a family member. It is reported that in nursing, which is generally considered as a woman work, particularly married nurses experience too much stress in meeting their roles about work and family In balancing work-family conflict, a woman has to create her own balance model and she has to learn how to use sources and supports effectively. These are the knowledge, talent, education, ability, personal structure and communication skill as a person, partner support, income of the family, social environment and friend support as a family, institutional support, administrator support, salary and social rights at work and the supports achieved by some social politics towards woman workers by governments.

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