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Midwifery Student’s Opinions Related to Death, Terminal Period and Palliative Care: Focus Group Study


Yrd. Doç. Dr. İstanbul Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2013; 21: 164-171
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Aim: Research were planned in order to determine their thoughts and feelings approaching death and death related to patient care in midwifery students.

Method: Research had been done with eight students that were selected 53 students are studying in fourth grade midwifery in Bakırköy School of Health in the 2011-2012 academic year and this students faced the death of the patient and care given to these patients throughout their education. Data were collected using focus group discussion method. The data obtained through interview, inductive analysis techniques were evaluated qualitatively.

Results: Seven students stated that: - Students faced the patients that are impending death and death, before school - Students were filling often in the face of death, sadness, feelings of helplessness and inadequacy felt, - Most of them, in the terminal time emotional support is more important physically care, - Family is the best support. Six students did not want someone else making euthanasia, the four students said they would accept euthanasia carried out for themselves.

Conclusion: Our study identified: students face to face to death before the their training and education, felt the sadness and fear in the face of death, most of helplessness, feelings of inadequacy experienced when approaching death. The study suggests that adding palliative care education to the midwifery curriculum is necessary to improve quality of care at the end of life.

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