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Opinions of Physicians and Nurses About Patient Communication in Dicle Univerty Research Hospital

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2007; 15: 68-74
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Patient satisfaction is outcome of good communication with health staff and is seen as a dimension of quality of care. From the hospital's perspective, clinical staff and managers ought to be interested in communication because effective diagnosis and treatment depend on clear communication with patients. In Research Hospital of Dicle University we performed a study to evaluate the status of patient and health staff communication and to understand the causes of communication problem. This study is cross sectional descriptive one. By using a questionnaire we interviewed face to face with 110 physicians and 138 nurses. The items of questionnaire were determined by using qualitative interviewing technics and by clinical observations. 78,2% of the physicians and 85,5% of nurses stated that they had some communication problem with patients or patient relatives. 58% of the nurses and 57,3% of physicians join the idea of “they can not understand us because their education level is so low”. 68,9% of nurses and 67,3% of physicians joined the idea of “our business is very hard that we can not do effective communication”. Frequently heavy duty and turns, insufficient staff, fatigue were the other causes of insufficient communication. To establish quality of health care and to give effective health services communication is the key element. But heavy duty and turns prejudices through patients were the main obstacles for good communication. Both managemental and educational interventions should be developed to give high quality health services. 

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