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The Correlation Between Childhood Traumatic injuries And Parental Attitute

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2003; 13: 15-24
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This study was designed to investigate the correlation between traumatic injuries children and their mothers attitude. The present study was performed at istanbul University Cerrahpa~a Medical Scho(Jl Hospital Emergency Unit between December 1999-December 2000 on 60 children (0-20 years old) who sufferend traumatic injuries and on their mothers. The questionnaire and PAR! were applied to the mothers. The gathered data were analyzed by using SPSS statistical pock~t program. The one way analysis of variance and student "t" test were applied. As a result; The children with traumatic injuries were generally admitted to the hospitaJ within the first 6 hours, but there is no correlation between the time they were admitted and the mothers' attitude. There was no statistical significant correlation between age and sex of the chi ldren, type of the injury, the number of children within the fami ly and the mothers' attitude. It was observed that the mothers' attitude is not an important facto r in preventing traumatic injuries during childhood. 

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