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The Development of the Caregiving Willingness to Pandemic Patients Scale


Department of Nursing, KTO Karatay University, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2022; 30: 174-181
DOI: 10.54614/FNJN.2022.21110
Read: 73 Downloads: 25 Published: 23 May 2022

AIM: The aim of this study is to develop a scale for evaluating nurses’ willingness to provide care to patients during the pandemic process. 

METHOD: This research is a methodological research such as scale development, validity and reliability research. The research was conducted between September and October 2020. Expert opinions were obtained from 20 people, including specialist nurses, lecturers, and faculty members, during the development process of the scale. Construct validity–exploratory factor analysis and construct validity–confirmatory factor analysis were used in statistical analysis. Item-total score correlation analyses and Cronbach’s alpha values were used to assess internal consistency.

RESULTS: A draft of 22 items in total and 4 of them explaining 50% of the total variance of exploratory factor analysis was obtained. Compliance obtained with DFA is achieved. Also, as χ2 = 775.675, degrees of freedom = 203, CMIN/degrees of freedom (2/degrees of freedom) = 3.82, P = .000, goodness-of-fit index = .87, adjusted goodness-of-fit index = .85, comparative fit index = .92, root mean square error of approximation = .073, state regression loads were determined between .41 and .70. In our study, item-total correlation values were .30-.61 and Cronbach’s alpha value was .86.

CONCLUSION: It can be said that all items in the scale provide item validity, and the internal consistency coefficients of the overall scale and its sub-dimensions are good and sufficient.

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