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The Influence of Home Care and Observation on Self-Care Agency and Protection Against Infections Related to Dialysis for the Patients Who Get Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis


Öğr. Gör. Dr. İnönü Üniversitesi Malatya Sağlık Yüksekokulu


Doç. Dr. Atatürk Üniversitesi Hemşirelik Yüksekokulu

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2010; 18: 40-46
Read: 252 Downloads: 152 Published: 18 December 2019

Purpose: This study has been carried out in order to define home care and observation for those patients who get continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and its effect on self-care agency and their protection against infections related to dialysis.

Method: The field of the study includes the patients who get continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis services in Turgut Ozal Medical Center in University of Inönü. Without referring to any quota method, we chose 54 out of those patients who accept to participate in the study. The data of the study were collected 15 January to 1 November, 2007. Single group with protest-post test, before test model was used in the study. The evaluation of the data has been carried out through McNemar tests and t test practiced in dependent groups, descriptive statistics in computer setting.

Results: The difference between infection conditions before care and after care and comparison of self-care agency have been found important,

Conclusion: As self-care agency increases, the infection frequency decreases.

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