Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing
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The Sleep Quality of the Patients in Surgical Units

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2008; 16: 114-121
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Purpose: This descriptive study was conducted for the purpose of determining the sleep quality and to examine factors that affect this quality.

Method: The study was carried out on 164 patients in ‹stanbul University ‹stanbul Medical Faculty. In collecting data, the below tools were made use of : a patient information form prepared seperately in the light of literatüre, an information form of factors that affect sleep quality and Pittsburg Sleep Quality Inventory . Percentage and Oneway Anova were also made use of in analysing tha data obtained from this study.

Results and Conclusion: It was determined quality of sleep was influenced by such factors as pain, anxiety , noise and not to give sufficient information about procedures. It was proposed to use effective pain control methods, give sufficient information to patients about prodecures, determine to patients’ level of anxiety and if it is so high, direct them for professional aid and determine factors that is the cause of noise in the hospital for reducing and existing them. 

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