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Views of Nurses About Computer Usage

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2008; 16: 83-89
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Purpose: This study was planned to determine of views of nurses about of computer usage.

Method: This study is descriptive one. The universe of the study consisted all of nurses who working in one university hospital and the sample of the study were 421 nurses who were accept to participation of study. Data were collected by using “Information Form” which had been developed by researchers, included information about demographic characteristics and views of nurses about of computer usage.

Results: 80.5% of nurses stated that used computer. Nurses stated that who use computer; the average of time using computer 3.88 (SS=3.32) years, the average of using computer per a day 1.41 (SS=2.28) hours, the average of using computer per a week 7.24 (SS=8.87), the average of using computer per a month 29.0 (SS=34.43); 54.6% of nurses computer knowledge was advanced, 69.4% of nurses used computer in nursing practice. 24.2% of nurses stated that they attended a computer information course, 78.9% of nurses used internet; 70.2% of nurses who used internet stated that they used it for their professional research.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that nurses in generally have positive views towards using computers and internet and take advantage of computer using in nursing care. 

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