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Comparison of Two Non-invasive Methods in Measurement of Arterial Blood Pressure

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2003; 13: 81-93
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This study was designed to determine the effective method after compari on Of two noninvasive methods of blood pressure measurement. The study was carried out on an descriptive basis in the Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital Outpatients in K.K.T.C. A total of 300 healthy adults were included who ranged between 18-60 years old and did not have hypertension and pregnancy background. Data were collected using a form developed by the investigator throught the literature. Each individual was monitored following taking the tension arterial blood pressure measurement firstful by the manual method and later electronic method, and findings of measurements were recorded. Data were analyzed using by means of percentage, chi-square and Pearson's Moments Multiplication Correlation Techniques. In conclusion, evaluation of arterial blood pressure findings following measurement with two non-invazive methods (electronic and manual) showed that increase in findings (systolic and dyastolic arterial blood pressures) obtained from electronic method was significant.  

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