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Hopelessness level Of Inpatients For Some Physical Illness

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2004; 13: 23-37
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This study has been carried out to determine hopelessness level of inpatients due to the physical diseases. The study was made on 189 medical inpatients. Data were collected by Beck Hopelessness Scale and Personal Data Form. According to the study, the hopelessness score of inpatient with the chronic renal disease were higher than patient who have cancer and other medical illness. Also the hopelessness score of inpatients who have surgical problems were found at minimum level. We found that levels of hopelessness of patients who have secondry health problems, old and dependent was significantly higher than other groups. A:nd the hopelessness score of patients who don't have support from relatives also were higher. This study demostrated that it is important assesing the hopelessness in medical! inpatient groups with chronic renal disease and cancer in terms of dealing with the problem and preventing more serious problems. 

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