Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing
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Occupational Health Nursing on Prevention of Worker's Respiratory System

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2002; 12: 41-51
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Workers are exposed to a variety of chemical in the production of materials in the work environment. Health effects from chemical expossure may be manifested as a mutagenic, carcinogenic or teratogenic. Chemicals are entire into the body via respiratory system and multiplicative effect on biological system. So worker's respiratory system must be prevented. Effective assessment and management of workplace hazards and related health effects requires collaboration among multidisciplines. The occupational health nurse is often primary health care professional at the worksite who is engaged in identifying work-related hazards. The occupational health nurses must to know principals of diciplines related with occupational health. The nurses must be promote related with principals of toxicology on prevention of worker's respiratory system. This article was designed to promote of occupational health nurses knowledge about prevention of worker's respiratory system.  

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