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Smoking Thought and Smoking Behavior of One Group of Health High School’s Students

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2009; 17: 16-23
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Purpose: Nowadays, smoking is considered among the most important social problems. Although smoking is common at teenager, first smoking age is to decrease. Prohibiting smoking increases the average life expectancy as well contributing the improvement in life quality. The resarch which aims to define the number of smokers, the behaviours and thought related to smoking, the awareness of the connection between illnesses and smoking and the desire to give up continue smoking among the students of Bak›rköy Health High School’s of ‹stanbul University (B.H.H.S.I.U) has been carried out in April, 2008. The total field under survey the consisted of all the students (551) at (B.H.H.S.I.U), the samples consisted of 273 students who wanted to join the survey and were asked for their permission. The sample group has been chosen with basic random sampling method.

Method: The datum, has been collected throughout a questionnaire which consisted of 32 questions prepared by the researchers and the statistical data has been computer based calculated using SPSS 11.5.

Results: It has been stated that the average age of the students who were given the survey was 20.76±1.46 and %10.3 (n=28) smoking. %39.3 (n=11) of the students who smoke said that the main reason for it was stres and pressure. And %60.7 (n=17) of the students who smoke expressed that they were thinking of quitting smoking.

Conclusion: In conclusion it was determined that health high school’s students were low rate at smoking and they were know at harmful effect of smoke.

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