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The Test Anxiety Level and Effecting Factors of the School of Nursing Students

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2009; 17: 10-15
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Purpose: This descriptive study is aimed to describe test anxiety level and the effecting factors of nursing students.

Method: This study was conducted to the undergraduate students in the School of Nursing students in the acedemic year of 2006- 2007 (n=482). The study sample is consisted by the students who take highest credits lesson and who is keen on attending to the study (n=385). Data were collected by using the Information Form that was included in indivudual, effecting factors and the Test-Anxiety Scale that was prepared Baltafl A. The questionnaires were applied before 10-20 minutes of the final exams. Numerical and percentile distributions, correlation coefficients, variance and Post-Hoc test were applied to analyse the data.

Results: Between the individual factors and the test-anxiety scores of students were not found stastically significant. Furthermore statistically significant differences were found between students’ who were not succsessful of use coping strategies, want to succsess their exam, thougt that environment effects and test-anxiety score (p≤0.01).

Conclusion: Our research findings determine the text anxiety scores of nursing students. Consequently, when the test-anxiety score of students is evaluated, results are appointed like this; students give more value for the exams, get excited before the exam and when they use the increase coping strategies of effecting factors; their anxiety score becomes lower. It is expected that the data obtained will be guide for controling text anxiety of nursing students.

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