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The Effect of Indwelling and Intermittent Catheterizatwn Techniques on the Incidence of Jnfectron Encountered in Patients with Neurogenic Bladder

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2003; 13: 51-63
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The aim of this experimental study is to evaluate the effect of indwelling and intermittent catheterization techniques on the incidence of infection encountered in patients with neurogenic bladder. This study was performed in Neurosurgery Department, Cerrahpa~a Medical Faculty of istanbul University. Between November, 1997 and March 2002, fifty-tw0 patients (aged between 16-65 years) suffering from spinal cord injury served as a subject for this study. After teaching to the patients "how clean intermittent catheterization is performed", urine analysis per week and urine culture per month were. taken from both the patients and control group for dur.ing one month. The demographic data including age, gender, diagnosis, level of the les10n. ~d control group was found. to be consisteTlt to each other. When comparing the stat1st1cal results of unne analysis, there was 11 statistically significant difference between the groups, but it was seen between th~ groups when regarding urine cultures. 

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