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The Effect of Peripheral Neuropathy on Disability and Anxiety


Department of Elderly Care, Harran University Vocational School of Health Service, Şanlıurfa, Turkey


Department of Nursing, Amasya University Faculty of Health Sciences, Amasya, Turkey

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2024; 32: 30-35
DOI: 10.5152/FNJN.2024.22333
Read: 377 Downloads: 184 Published: 28 February 2024

AIM: One of the most common problems in individuals receiving neurotoxic chemotherapy is neuropathy. The study aimed to evaluate the peripheral neuropathy and the relationship between neuropathy, disability, and anxiety in patients receiving neurotoxic chemotherapy.

METHODS: The sample of the study consisted of individuals with cancer in the chemotherapy unit of a city hospital between March and July 2021. The study was conducted in 180 patients who underwent at least three cycles of neurotoxic chemotherapy and agreed to participate. The Introductory Information Form, Brief Disability Questionnaire, Beck Anxiety Inventory, and Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events were used to collect data.

RESULTS: The prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in patients undergoing neurotoxic chemotherapy was 73.3% in this study. According to the severity of peripheral neuropathy, disability and anxiety scores of the patients showed a significant difference (p < .001). A positive, moderate significant correlation was determined between the scores for anxiety and disability. The variables affecting the neuropathy levels of individuals receiving chemotherapy were determined as marital status (odds ratio=0.239), number of cycles (odds ratio=0.125), and anxiety levels (odds ratio=1.076).

CONCLUSION: The results of the present study indicated that the frequency of neuropathy was high and the severity of neuropathy was associated with anxiety and disability levels. According to the holistic approach, the physical and psychosocial effects of neuropathy should be evaluated.

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