Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing

The Effect of Productivity in Senior Individuals on Hopelessness Level

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2007; 15: 48-53
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The study has been realized to determine the effect of productivity in senior individuals on hopelessness level. The environment of the study has been consisted of the senior citizens accommodating at Darülaceze Foundation of Internal Affairs at country of Istanbul and the study group of the senior individuals of 41 volunteers who agreed to attend the activities of productivity, does not come to rehabilitation unite, doesn’t have any condition to prevent her/him to conduct handcraft and are over the age of 65. The study was realized between March, 10 and May,13 2004 with the approval of the Foundation. Data were collected by usage of questionnaire and Beck Hopelessness Scale. Beck Hopelessness Scale was applied to the individuals before and after the 8 weeks period of handcraft applications. Data were evaluated at computer by using percentage, Mann Whitney U test and correlation analysis. Although the average score of hopelessness scale prior to productivity period (7,88±5,11) of the senior individuals are higher than the average compared to the post productivity period (6,83±4,07), they were not considered statistically significant (p>0,05). The effect of productivity on hopelessness levels on senior individuals is higher at women, disabled and people who doesn’t have a chronic disease and a supporting relative. Although it is not considered statistically significant, it has been revealed that productivity at older ages is reducing the hopelessness levels.

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