Florence Nightingale Journal of Nursing
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The Investigation of Submissive Behaviours of the Students Canditated for Health Professions

Florence Nightingale J Nurs 2009; 17: 1-9
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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine nursing-midwifery and medical students’ submissive behaviour (SB) in Celal Bayar University Health School and Medical Faculty.

Method: The sample of the research are composed of 100 nurse, midwifery and medical students attending Celal Bayar University Health School and Medical Faculty and were chosen with stratified sampling technique. Sociodemographic questionnaire and SB Scale (SBS) were used for collecting data. High point in the scale indicates more SB. Number-percent, Kruskal-Wallis (K Independent Samples Tests), Independent Samples T Test and One Way Analysis (ANOVA) test for advanced analysis were used to analyse data.

Results: The mean points of SB Scale of students’ were founded 38.11±9.73. The mean points of SB Scale; for nursing students’ were 34.40±8.82, for midwifery students’ were 40.33±8.44 and for medical students’ were 38.71±10.25.

Conclusion: It was found that SB tendency of the students whose mothers graduated from high school and those accepted to a high school after having passed an exam was less. Points’ being higher indicate that person is using that behavior more. As a result, students' average score at the bottom of the scale according to SBS, which tend to be less than can be said SB.

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